Enjoy amazing Argentina dove hunting, pigeon hunting, ducks and perdiz through one of 9 Five-Star luxury shooting lodges offered by Wing Shooting Cordoba in both Argentina and Uruguay. Contact Wing Shooting Cordoba for specials, pending dates, availability and group size.

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Pitts,Last night I had dinner with some of the group that went to Argentina on the trip that you put together for us. We were actually drinking wine that we had sent from the wine tasting we did in Buenos Aries. We had a great time! If any of your future clients want a reference have them give us a call or email. The hunting in Salta was unbelievable, more shooting than we could stand. The thing that you offer that I didn't get from other outfitters I contacted was the Buenos Aries contacts. The concierge, the money change info, the wine tastings, and restaurant guidance really made the trip. We feel like we got a great taste of the country and my dad can't stop talking about how much money we saved because you hooked us up with locals. We are already planning another shooting trip and I think Kelly and I will go down for a wine country trip to Mendoza very soon.
Ben Hudson

Dear Pitts, I wanted to thank you again for coordinating the trip this past May to Chacu and Argentina for my eighteen-year-old son, Holt and me. I really can only say that it was simply an awesome and once in a lifetime experience that neither of us will ever forget. First off, words and pictures cannot even begin to describe the sheer number of birds we saw and had the opportunity to shoot. I certainly did not anticipate Holt pulling the trigger enough times on Day 1 for him to shoot over 1,600 birds and for that matter me shooting right at 1,000 birds on Day 1. Our numbers did go down on Day 2 and Day 3. Some of that was by design, especially for me, as I simply could not continue pulling the trigger that many times.
VINCENT B. MERKLE, JR., Atlanta, Georgia

My trip to the pica zuro lodge was fantastic. All the way from the airport in cordoba. The staff was very accommodating along with the lodge. We had plenty of space and the facility was great. The wine and beef were really great and they were in abundance. Obviously the dove were plentiful and we were totally fulfilled with 3 full days of shooting. I can't say enough about the experience. It was the best "guys" trip I have ever taken in my life. I would recommend it to anyone. Pitts was great and helped handle all of our accommodations and questions. It was awesome! Thanks again for the help Pitts!
Richman Margeson. Albany, Georgia USA

Without experiencing this trip you cannot even begin to understand how fantastic it is!! the entire experience was first class all the way. As a full time hunter/outdoorsman, never in my life had I seen or shot so many birds in a single trip. Thank you so much for the lifetime of memories!!! See you soon!!
Nicholas P., TX, USA

What can we say to express our euphoria after staying here for several days... - Magnificent food, delicious cuisine. - Excellent guide service with a lot of individual attention. - Shooting more birds than imaginable. - Service by all personal outstanding. This experience will be highly recommended to our friends. Thank you for a wonderful experience!!
Richard S., Wisconsin, USA

Everything was Incredible!! Best Lodge I have been to yet!! Always room for improvement however could not find anything this trip. 5 star across the board. Food was fantastic.
William C., Dallas, USA

Fantastic! It was the best hunting experience ever. My guide Ariel turned me into a first class shooter. Chavez, Lucas, Guillermo & even Pablo could not have been better ambassadors.
Michael C., UK

We thought the lodge was great, food excellent, great rooms and even the shell allowance found the correct balance. Bird boys were without fault and very professional, I was impressed with the variety of locations and the quality of sport offered and the organisation was seamless, full marks to Charlie for getting us up every morning, I couldn't do that all season. I have already told my shooting friends about the trip, their most important question was 'Would you go back'? The answer was YES!!
Michael H., Londonderry, North Ireland.

Thank you so much for having Sam and I at the san Juan Lodge. We both had a wonderful time. I thought for a long time about the question you had about what improvements you should make. I don't think you should change anything. Your attention to detail and no confusion about how things are run made the whole experience a great time. We will never forget our hunt with you. Again thank you so much. My NEW life goal is to return to San Juan Lodge.
Karl E., Wisconsin, USA.

Lodging, food, service and reception at the airport were just 5 stars all the way through. - If anything was wrong, then maybe too much excellent food. The wine was very good. With my best regards and tank you from all of us for some very memorably Dove shooting days at La Dormida. Your set up is excellent.
Iens I.B Marbella, Spain

Everything was EXCEPTIONAL! My friend Andy Proctor told us that it was the trip of a lifetime! for him... Mr. Stallings aka Big John also said 'it was one of the best trips he'd ever been on... And of course, I had a lot of fun myself just being with all the members of my Argentinean family... especially spending time with you and your brother. The only problem now is that I am missing all of friends there...missing the food, wine, rum and vodka, pisco sours (and cold cervezas) and having fun laughing at each other's silly jokes and stories...at the daily asado and dinner's at La Dormida. Although I may have said it before, the staff there are 'top notch'...from Grand Chef Federico and Lorena... along with Gaby (also known as Colorado)...and everyone else. With such great employees...I'm sure it is incredibly easy to manage the operations there... especially with such a great lodge manager as Joaquin and guides like Lucas.
Terry M, USA.

The trip with Tomas to Montaraz was flawless. Couldn't have been better. In fact the pigeon shoot at Montarez was the most challenging and easily the most enjoyable shoot we have ever experienced in South America. It ranks right up there with driven partridge in Spain and some of the better shoots in Botswana, Africa, but at a fraction of the price. And of course, Tomas' service was absolutely impeccable.
Mark R. TX., USA.