Enjoy amazing Argentina dove hunting, pigeon hunting, ducks and perdiz through one of 9 Five-Star luxury shooting lodges offered by Wing Shooting Cordoba in both Argentina and Uruguay. Contact Wing Shooting Cordoba for specials, pending dates, availability and group size.

Wing Shooting Cordoba

La Dormida Lodge: The best dove shooting in the World, coupled with the best accommodations. We set out to build the finest dove shooting lodge that could be imagined. Come and tell us if you think we got it right.


This hunting experience has set the bar for all other wingshooting adventures.
Matthew B. , NC., USA

Not many things in life exceed expectations. This did in a big way. Thanks for all the hard work. You certainty have a classy operation here.
Robert E. P., Ireland

Was great before but keeps getting better. Great job & very enjoyable
Mr. James Arthur W., Ireland

Excellent hunting! The birds were plentiful and the staff knowledgeable and informative on improving the accuracy - Excellent!
Lauri S., TX., USA

Awesome, can't wait to come back. Your staff is the best. The shooting is world class.
Todd B., SC., USA

I just want to thank you for everything you did to make my hunting experience even better. The lodge was so beautiful and it is obvious that it is being very well managed by you. Everyone was so friendly and made us feel right at home. Every one of my requests was honored. You can be assured that I will be coming back.
Rick W., SC., USA

Lodging, food, service and reception at the airport were just 5 stars all the way through. - If anything was wrong, then maybe too much excellent food. The wine was very good. With my best regards and tank you from all of us for some very memorably Dove shooting days at La Dormida. Your set up is excellent.
Iens I.B Marbella, Spain

once again the trip was delightful and the lodge and staff were a pleasure. Everything was great and we look forward to returning.
Frank G., Nevada, USA

We had a delightful time. From the pick up at the airport to the departure everything seemed to flow smoothly. The food was superb and plentiful. The hunts were, as always, terrific fun. Overall an absolutely fantastic trip...
Glenn P., TX., USA

We had an excellent time at La Dormida. The only complaint from our group was that we didn’t stay long enough. Everything at the lodge was perfect - the setting, the accommodations and the food. You run a very nice operation. Pablo was an excellent guide, with very good humour and companionship. However, it was also clear that he made sure that all of the arrangements were in place each day. I was very impressed with the logistics involved and Pablo handled them perfectly.
David W., TX., USA. 

Everything was EXCEPTIONAL! My friend Andy Proctor told us that it was "the trip of a lifetime!" for him... Mr. Stallings aka "Big John" also said 'it was one of the best trips he'd ever been on..." And of course, I had a lot of fun myself just being with all the members of my "Argentinean family"...especially spending time with you and your brother. The only problem now is that I am missing all of friends there...missing the food, wine, rum and vodka, pisco sours (and cold cervezas) and having fun laughing at each other's silly jokes and stories...at the daily asado and dinner's at La Dormida. Although I may have said it before, the staff there are 'top notch'...from Grand Chef Federico and Lorena...along with Gaby (also known as Colorado)...and everyone else. With such great employees...I'm sure it is incredibly easy to manage the operations there...especially with such a great lodge manager as Joaquin and guides like Lucas.
Terry M, USA.