Enjoy amazing Argentina dove hunting, pigeon hunting, ducks and perdiz through one of 9 Five-Star luxury shooting lodges offered by Wing Shooting Cordoba in both Argentina and Uruguay. Contact Wing Shooting Cordoba for specials, pending dates, availability and group size.

Wing Shooting Cordoba

Los Crestones Lodge: Obedient retrievers and expert guides, plus perdiz over well trained pointers. Single rooms and small parties are the ruleā€¦ only 85 minutes from the city or airport.

The Shooting

In the mornings, you will be hunting ducks over decoys in nearby ponds Guests will depart the lodge in the dark, but after a hearty breakfast, with everything from waffles to eggs benedict.

Hunters are placed in double blinds, or large sunken "buckets" of the style of an individual pit blind, or on platform-pallet blinds.

Each pair of hunters will be accompanied by a guide with a Retriever, making sure that 100% of birds are collected each hunt.

Most days hunters will return to the lodge for lunch and a siesta before heading out again

Some afternoons, you will be shooting Perdiz in the rich pastures near the lodge.

Our experienced guides will work with their team of pointers to provide you with the best possible sport. We will use mostly German SH & E.Pointers. But we might use Vizlas and Brittanys as well.

Other afternoons, you will enjoy more duck hunting or when available Wild Pigeon Hunting over decoys or low volume dove shooting.